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eCommerce web Development by Apex Systems

e-Commerce Development

Apex Systems specialises in e-Commerce web development. However, we do cater for clients with web development needs that does not require an e-Commerce direction.

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Professional SEO

Apex Systems helps you rank. We understand how important it is for a company’s website to rank well, especially when dealing with e-Commerce. Therefore, we provide your company with a top SEO service alongside your new website.

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Visuals are of utmost importance with regard to a brand’s image, website aesthetics and social media look. At Apex, we provide a photography service that is tailored to your needs.

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Why eCommerce?

e-Commerce in-South-Africa

Your Company needs e-Commerce and here’s why!

We live in a rapidly changing world, especially when it comes to the online market place. More and more brands and businesses are making use of the world wide web and social media in a bid to expand their presence and ability to remain competitive. Globally, e-Commerce trends are growing significantly. In 2016, global e-Commerce sales stood at over $22 trillion, which was a 6% increase from 2015. Predictions claim that we’ll see global eCommerce sales exceeding $27.7 billion by 2020. The online sales market is growing, and it’s doing so at an incredible pace.

e-Commerce in South Africa

South Africa’s trends are no different. The Rainbow Nation’s forecasted online expenditure is expected to grow to more than R53 Billlion by 2018. Although e-Commerce picked up slowly in South Africa, the last year alone, has seen the market grow to over R37.1 billion. Mobile commerce statistics have also grown significantly, with a forecasted 128% increase by 2018. Stats like these prove the immense benefit of e-Commerce to online retailers.

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 The Power of Visuals

Visuals are immensely powerful in the modern age of social media and the world wide web. Great content in the from of photography is a crucial necessity to any company, artist or individual who wants to excel in their craft. Apex Systems provides a premium photography service that caters to your exact needs. We take it upon ourselves to create those visuals that you need for your business or personal use.

Great photography can only be achieved by an individual who is passionate about what they do and the clients they service. That is exactly what you will get form Apex Systems. We have passionate photographers who will not only go the extra mile to create your powerful visuals, but, they will also enjoy that process. And we all know that doing something you love helps you to perform to excellence with an immense work ethic!