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Photography By Louw Lemmer

Louw Lemmer is a passionate 23-year-old photographer and social media influencer from Pretoria, South Africa.  He has developed a unique style, which has garnered wide recognition on social media, specifically Instagram. Louw considers himself a creative story-teller photographer. The visuals of his work speak volumes and transforms the way in which an audience looks at the world. Louw has an incredible knack for seeing a moment – whether it be candid or fleeting – and capturing it through his creative perspective. He is also well-adapt at capturing moments that require a more creative style. A key approach of his is to use people in photos, as it is an effective way of speaking to the viewer by providing them with a sense of scale and context. Louw is also an eager adventurer who is motivated by the mysteries and stories that awaits across the globe. He rarely sits still and works immensely hard in pursuit of his photography passion.

Photography By Chris Lemmer

Chris Lemmer is a professional web developer and avid photographer from Pretoria, South Africa. Through years of experience, he has developed a unique photography style that is instantly recognisable. His keen eye for finding beauty is a skill that only comes with natural talent. Chris regularly works alongside Louw on photography projects and together they make strong team, built on trust and mutual respect.